For anyone interested, I have made digital copies of all my best quality recordings, and put them on CD-ROM.
Each disc contains around 50 minutes of video (with sound), and can be played back on any PC with the following minimum recommended specification:

Pentium P166 (or equivalent) processor, 32Mb RAM, 8Mb Graphics card, soundcard & speakers, X8 speed CD-ROM drive, Windows 95 or later.

The quality of the CD-ROM clips is a little better than those included here, as file size isn't so much of a problem on disc. Each CD includes around 12 song length video clips. If you are interested in the CD-ROM's, just drop me an e-mail.

NEW! (As of April 2003)
I can now provide all my high quality ABBA TV recordings on DVD! Get in touch for more information.

To download the clips, left click your choice below, Windows Media Player will then open, and begin to download the file. The clip will not run until it has fully downloaded. Alternatively, you can right click on a clip, and choose "Save Target As...". This will allow you to save the movie clip to your computer, to play back later. Hope you enjoy!

"Ice-cream time"
"ABBA in Concert"

(Approx 1.8 Mb)

"Mamma Mia" from "Disco"
(Approx 3.6 Mb)


"ABBA in Switzerland"

(Approx 3.8 Mb)


"Mike Yarwood"

(Approx 3.4 Mb)

from "Seaside Special"

(Approx 3.2 Mb)

"Money, Money.. "
"The Movie"

(Approx 1.3 Mb)

(New clips added 27/04/02)