Well folks, it was my original intention to include here a good selection of quality video clips, taken from my collection of ABBA video recordings, that I've built up over the years.

Unfortunately at the time, I didn't realise how difficult (or rather "virtually impossible"!) it currently is to record the clips in a format that outputs manageable file sizes, whilst retaining high playback quality! Not to mention in a format that can be played back on the internet by a wide audience! Phew!

I came to the unfortunate conclusion that "file size", "quality" and "The Internet" simply do not mix very well at present!
Therefore the only way to include video clips, whilst still keeping file sizes to a reasonable download time....is to make the clips SHORT!

Anyhow, the hardware I use to make these digital video clips, is a fabulous little unit called the "Dazzle Digital Video Creator". The resulting movie clips are in the MPEG1 format, which can be played back by "Windows Media Player", (a standard part of Windows 95 / 98).

The clips included here have NOT been recorded at the BEST quality available with the "Dazzle" unit, as I needed to keep the file sizes down. Still the quality is far better than clips in the horrible "Real Video" format....and file sizes are much smaller than they would be in the cumbersome AVI format.