Andys ABBA Images



These pages will contain pictures of ABBA, Agnetha and Frida that have been either scanned by myself, or that have been downloaded from the web, and "enhanced" or "retouched" by myself in some way using Photoshop.

Many great pictures (here and on the "colourized" pages), were posted by other fans to the ABBA pictures newsgroup at I'd like to give special thanks to the likes of Yvonne, Maggott and Lin for the terrific pictures that I "borrowed" from them, and worked on for these pages. My apologies to any others I failed to mention!

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask fans reading this, who have a collection of ABBA related photo's, books, or magazines, and also have access to a join us on the pictures newsgroup (see above link), by sending in a few of their favourite ABBA scans.
Go on.... don't let those posters and mags gather dust in the drawer, give some pleasure to your fellow fans!

Cheers, Andy