The images on these pages were captured from video tape or Laser disc, using a terrific little device called a "Snappy 3". This is a unit that connects to the parallel port on your computer, and using the supplied software it captures still images of amazingly high quality. Much better than more expensive internal capture cards so I understand.

However, as good as the Snappy is, the images you will see on these pages still received a fair amount of enhancement using Photoshop and it's various "plug-in filters". I try to pay special attention to sharpening up eye detail, as I feel this brings the captures more "alive".

Unfortunately, capturing from DVD and Video CD's cannot be acheived using the "Snappy" (at least with the discs I tried).
I assume it's something to do with "anti-copying" measures encoded onto most DVD's / VCD's?

Fortunately, if you have a DVD player in your computer, you can use a great piece of screen capturing software, called "Hypersnap". It's freeware, and you can get it at the following URL:

Cheers, Andy